Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hair Care Routine for Curly Hair

I have super curly hair that I get mostly from my mother. When I was younger, I used to hate my curls. I would straighten them, tie them up, and downright abuse them all the time. As I got older, I realized what a blessing it is to have curly hair. Some people would kill to have curly locks! I began to accept my super curly and frizzy hair and started to maintain it the right way. It did take me a while to figure out what products worked well and which didn't. I've had SO MANY PEOPLE come to me and ask, "Is your hair natural? What do you do with it? How are your curls so maintained??". Yes, my hair is naturally curly and this post is all about how I control these locks :)

Step 1: I shampoo and condition with Head and Shoulder's Smooth and Silky 24-hour Frizz Control. Curly hair is ALWAYS frizzy and poofy. This shampoo/conditioner work together to tame my hair and make it soft and silky!

Step 2: Do not blow dry or towel dry. Adding heat to curls only causes them to become more frizzy and towel drying your hair - especially if your hair is super dry - causes natural oils to strip. I always air dry - I know, life is hard.

Step 3: While my hair is wet, I spray It's a 10 Miracle Leave In to untangle my hair, calm frizz, and give it shine. I comb through it, not styling it quite yet.

Step 4: I spray Fructis Garnier's Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil because I have a dry scalp and dry hair. This oil helps lock in moisture so my hair will stay frizz free. If you have oily hair, you definitely need to skip this step.

Step 5: I begin styling it and combing out my bangs/face frame. While I'm styling, I spray in a bit of Aussie's Leave In Conditioner to combat humid days and poofiness.

Step 6: After my hair is all set in the way I want, I finish it up with a dime-size blob of mousse specifically for curly hair. I use Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls Hair Lotion because this stuff makes my hair so soft and makes sure my curls don't fall.

Extra Tips:
- I never brush through my curly hair with an actual brush - I only comb through when it's wet. I use my fingers to brush through because a brush will poof your hair up and cause triangle hair.
- Don't use too much of any product you put in your hair. Sometimes, multiple products can severely weigh down your curls, giving you flathead.
- I wash my hair every three days because three day hair is the bessssst.
- I have super short bangs that look really weird when completely curled. I use a straightener on low to lightly go through my bangs and give them a wavy look.
- If you have tons of baby hair, Aussie's Leave In Conditioner will fix that.
- Always tie your hair in a loose bun when you go to sleep.
- I do shampoo/condition my hair once a week with Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil because this does wonders for curly hurr.

This may seem like a long process but it only takes me about 5 minutes, 10 minutes if I'm having a bad hair day.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Why I Will Never Again Fly With American Airlines

Before you read on, here's a few things you should know about this post:
  • It is super long due to such a long story about what happened with my flight from ORD to DFW
  • At times, I may not even make sense but I tried to proofread and fix things as much as I could.
  • I did contact AA and have not received a response yet, probably because there were so many angry people who also contacted them, aside from us. 
  • I get violent in this post so beware.
  • I absolutely am disgusted by American Airlines and their #$&@ service. 
Our flight issues began from the VERY beginning of our trip. On August 13th, flight 2341 was supposed to depart from DFW at 7:45pm. So, our family all gets to the airport at around 5:45ish and by the time we pass through security and check in our bags, we get to our gate at around 6pm. Boarding was supposed to start at 7:25pm, but after 15 minutes of sitting at our gate, the flight was delayed an hour and would depart at 8:30ish. Nobody made an announcement at the gate saying our flight was delayed, but because I was aware of the crap service AA has, I made sure my phone notified me of anything ridiculous happening with our flight, which it did. So after one delay, another came, and another and another. We had about 5 delays, NONE OF WHICH any AA agent notified us about. When people finally started questioning what was wrong, the agents first told us they were having maintenance issues. Then the next delay, they said the screw was loose on the co-pilot's seat (WTF???). Then the next delay, they said they had to entirely replace the co-pilot's seat. After much patience and four hours later, they finally fixed whatever issue there was and we boarded our flight at around 11:30pm and arrived at our hotel near ORD at precisely 1:41am. 


So here's what happened when we wanted to come back to DFW:
On August 17th, flight 2374 was supposed to depart from ORD straight to DFW at 8:50pm. (The beginning of these paragraphs sound like an upsetting CNN documentary) We arrive at ORD at around 6:15pm and get to our gate. We wait and wait for our boarding to happen and then I get a notification that our flight is delayed until 11:30pm. Once again, nobody notifies us at the gate. Prior to getting a notification, I noticed that ORD staff began setting up cots with pillows and blankets. I thought they were for those who have an overnight layover, I was wrong. After waiting around at our gate, my family and I decided it would be more comfortable to lay down for a couple of hours until our flight would board. After 30 more minutes, I get another notification saying that our flight would depart at 11:50. Then after another 30 minutes, I get a notification saying our flight is CANCELLED. So you may be thinking, "Yes, Misbah, flights do get cancelled. It's not really a big deal". Yeah, keep reading. 

When I get the notification, the AA agents at our gate FINALLY announce it and say we all have to go to another gate (K10 or K4) and visit the rebooking center. They also said it was weather related, even though there was only light showers Sunday morning and everything was clear that night. So everyone disperses and rushes to the rebooking center where there are absolutely no flights available (I find that really hard to believe, but AA is known for lying). To make matters worse, we not only had a handicap with us but also someone who had a medical emergency (of course AA doesn't care). When we checked our flight status, apparently AA had already put all passengers from flight 2374 onto different flights on Monday to reach DFW. None of these flights were direct and they were not at preferable timings (2pm with 3hr layover in Kentucky). 

I go back to our original gate from the booking center and stand in line to get some compensation. I obviously was not about to stay overnight at ORD which meant I wanted a hotel, I wanted food, I wanted a refund from AA. And if you know me, you would know when I get mad, I get really angry. It's like the kraken is released from my body and you don't want to meet it. So I stand in line and I only have to wait maybe 20 minutes (better than 3 hours right?) and I ask the agent what the heck happened with this flight and if there are any flights available tonight since both my parents had work and I just wanted to get home. One of the agents tell me that it was weather related and that the small rain shower that went on Sunday morning was apparently enough to disrupt the entire flight system. THIS was a downright LIE because all of my other family members who also flew with AA all got directly to DFW that same night. So AA was just giving me bullshit and their agents were so kind and gave me an attitude. So another agent takes over after I give the other agent a look as if I'm going to tear her face off and he tells us that there are no flights available tonight, BUT he would give us a stay at La Quinta all the way in Schaumburg (?!?!?) as well as food vouchers to be used at ORD and a taxi to and from our hotel and ORD. I wasn't complaining at that point because at least I had a free place to stay with free food and free fare. Then he said that AA really just cancelled the flight for no reason and that's what AA does often. 

So we get to our hotel, spend the night there, and here's the taxi issue when going back to ORD:
The hotel receptionist booked a taxi for us since not all taxi companies were going to accept the voucher AA had given us. When the taxi finally comes, my sister shows him the voucher and asks, "Do you take this voucher?" and he says, "Yeah!". So we get in the taxi and about 5 minutes into our ride, the taxi driver says, "I can't take this voucher. I have to go to AA headquarters all the way in Washington DC to cash this." I was about to rip his head off. 

So we start yelling and asking him why he gave us a ride when my sister showed him the voucher and he said he accepted it. 
He's says, "I thought you meant the American Taxi voucher! I didn't know what voucher this was!!" 
So then we tell him, "Then just take us back if you don't take it because we're not paying for the fare!!!!!!!!" 
He says, "Okay then you pay the fare back to the hotel!!!". 
And we say, "NO. We're not paying anything!!!!!" 
So he pulls over and says, "Okay then I'll call the cops." 
And we're just sitting there and we tell him, "Yeah, okay. Call the cops. Cool." 
He then calls dispatch to ask if they take the voucher and guess what? THEY DO. So after all that, he then says, "Oh, I'm so sorry. It was a misunderstanding. Sorry sorry". 
Sorry doesn't fix the fact that I want to rip your head off mister. So I called his taxi company and sent in a complaint for not only threatening us but also relentlessly texting while driving - against IL state laws. 

**If you've made it this far in the post, I applaud you**

When we finally got to ORD at 12pm, we waited for our flight. While waiting, I decided to use the food vouchers and while in line to get some delicious veggie bagels, I see the following on my voucher:
Right above "EXPIRES", you can see that it clearly says: Delay - Mechanical. 

So pretty much, AA was tweeting me that it's been a difficult day for air travel, AA agents were telling me that it was weather related issues, and my food voucher was telling me it was mechanical issues. Way to lie, AA. 

Our flight finally left from ORD at 2pm and we reached Lousiville, KY at 3pm. We had a 3 hour layover which was extended to 4 hours after AA delayed our flight AGAIN and said it was due to weather. They were just making excuses. Also, I had once again tweeted AA asking what exactly had happened with flight 2374. They told me due to weather, the crew was displaced. OKAY. SURE. It may have been the truth, but I wouldn't know since AA is the equivalent of the boy who cried wolf. We finally reached home at 11:30pm. We could have driven quicker. 

Here's why I know for sure AA was lying the entire time:
1) Clear skies over Texas that night, nothing happening in Chicago
2) When they began to set up cots at ORD, they knew the flight was cancelled but didn't tell anybody and said it was delayed
3) While telling us it was delayed, they were already placing all 2374 passengers onto different flights for Monday
4) If it was really weather related, none of the other DFW flights my family were one would have departed that night.
This entire thing was deliberate and I want a full refund. AA caused both my parents to lose a day worth of work and money and we pretty much just wasted our money paying for a nonexistent flight. 

So that's my experience with AA and why I will NEVER fly with them AGAIN. My family keeps joking that Chi didn't want me to leave since I love it there and I was born there. Although I consider Chi to be my first home and a chunk of my heart will always be there, pieces of my heart also lay in Dallas where my real home is. I hope all parts of this post made sense and if it didn't, leave a comment. 


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chicago Trip + College Life

Hello everyone! You may or may not have noticed that I was on a short hiatus for the past week. Last week, my entire family took a trip to Chicago for my cousin's wedding! I have so much to tell and so many complaints about all the mishaps that occurred with our flight, but in this post, I'll be giving a short run through about the trip and the upcoming school year! 

C H I C A G O  T R I P:

8.13.14 Wednesday: Our flight was supposed to depart around 7pm Wednesday, but after 5 delays we finally reached Chi at 1:41am. Crazy right? Yeah, my next blog post will blow your mind.

henna wedding
My henna!
8.14.14 Thursday: By now, all the guests have been trickling in and settled in the hotel my aunt had booked for all of us. In the morning around 11am, we took a trip to the bride's house to eat brunch and deliver presents for her! At night, we had a small dinner at our hotel where the bride's family came and everyone showcased their personal gifts to give to the bride and groom. Prior to this dinner, the girls from the groom's family got our henna done! 
My sister-in-law and I at the brunch at the bride's house!
8.15.14 Friday: In the morning, both parties showed up at a local masjid where the nikkah (marriage by Islam) took place. This meant that the bride and groom were officially married! It was a very stretched out ceremony but nonetheless, filled with happiness. At night, a pre-wedding party took place which is called the mhendi (another name for henna). This is actually a Hindu ceremony, but our culture grasped it and for some reason felt it necessary to include this in religion. At the mhendi, people just dance and celebrate. Being a more conservative family, we left early.

The nikkah ceremony minus everyone.
8.16.14 Saturday: In the morning, we finally had NOTHING to do in terms of the wedding. Everybody decided to go sightseeing and do their own thing. We all had to be back at the hotel and be ready by 6pm for the actual wedding ceremony (even though they were already married). My family and I went to the Cloud Gate since Chicago was our previous home and we had seen almost everything already. At around 7pm, we finally left the hotel to go the venue. It was at the Bristol Palace, which was decorated wonderfully. The night was long and I was so happy to know that they had Nescafe instead of chai. During the entire week I probably drank around 50 cups of coffee/chai. This was also the night that all the cousins decided to stay up all night at the hotel and just hang out. We ended up staying up in the hotel lobby until 4:30am and by that time it was time for all of us to pray Fajr.

Cloud Gate, The Bean

8.17.14 Sunday: In the morning, someone from the bride's family hosted a post-wedding brunch at the Hyatt Lodge on McDonald's campus (IT WAS SO WEIRD). The staff had "Hamburger University" badges on their shirts. It was so pretty there though! It was so quiet and beautiful - a much needed ending to such a loud and busy week. After the brunch, everybody pretty much headed out. My family's flight was with my aunt (the groom's mother) and it was scheduled to be at 8:50pm. Until 6pm, we chilled at the hotel and then headed out. What happened next is so ridiculous but long story short, our flight was cancelled due to no reason and we ended up staying another day in Chi. We left Monday afternoon and reached home at 11:30pm.
Hyatt Lodge McDonald's Campus
Hyatt Lodge @ McDonald's Campus
Although this past week was filled with mishaps, I'm so happy for the bride and groom and wish them the best! It was a week filled with joy and I was so happy for family to reunite :)

C O L L E G E  L I F E:

Alright so I begin college tomorrow! I'm a little nervous/excited because I'm not sure what to expect regarding the intensity of my classes, but I've been praying it won't be something that I can't handle. It's really weird to think, "I'm about to start the rest of my life tomorrow". College is so much more than going to school for another four to six years. It's about getting a degree to start the rest of your life. It's about gaining a new group of friends who share the same interests as you and who will stick with you. It's about beginning new again and dipping into the surface of what a non-sheltered life is. It's about finally being independent and taking your future into your own hands. Now that I'm in college, I can slowly feel myself maturing and becoming independent. In a nutshell, I'm super excited to get started working the education field. Inshallah (if God wills), I will be able to graduate in three years, with honors. That's my plan, and it will probably be one hell of a ride, but I'm going to do it. 


Monday, August 11, 2014

10 Travel Tips You Need for Your Next Trip

Hello everyone! As you may, or may not, know I will be traveling back home to Chicago in a few days! While packing for this trip, I've been met with so many challenges concerning how to fit everything in a carry-on and dealing with flight restrictions. After much trial and error and about 3 days of packing, I finally have everything stuffed in my suitcase and ready to go! Here are ten tips I found super useful to pack right and make it all fit!

Tip 1: Flatten out your clothes as much as you can, or roll.

I find flattening out your clothes the best way to save space. If you're traveling alone, I highly recommend stuffing your carry-on as much as you can since, typically, there are no weight restrictions on carry-on's! Don't waste extra money checking in a bag. If flattening out is not an option, or you're just not savvy at folding clothes, go ahead and roll your clothes! This will save you some space and will not wrinkle your clothes.

Tip 2: Place chargers in old glasses cases.

phone charger in glasses case travel tip
Woo glasses!

I don't know about you, but when I travel I bring all of my electronics. I need my iPad charger, laptop charger, and most importantly, my phone charger! I used to stuff all of these into a bag and place it in my carry-on, but they would get so tangled inside and it was just a mess. I have tons of old glasses cases because my family was blessed with imperfect vision. I stick the wire and the wall charger in them and bam! They save space and they don't get tangled. Plus, they're super organized.

Tip 3: Don't bring anything that's unnecessary.

This might just be the golden rule for any trip, but trust me, you probably do bring tons of unnecessary things. Don't bring your toothbrush/toothpaste! Hotels ALWAYS have toothbrushes and toothpaste you can use. Some even have mouthwash and floss. I never bring mine because it's just unsanitary. Don't take the entire bottle of contact solution/hair products especially if it's just a weekend trip. Don't bring your entire jewelry/makeup collection. Try to pick a few pieces of jewelry that fit with almost every outfit and wear them to the airport! It saves you the fear of them breaking. Also, I recommend buying small eyeshadow pallets that are in neutral colors so you won't have to bring every color out there. Bring one or two lipsticks, one eyeliner and maybe even some mascara. My BB cream that I use from Rimmel London is already travel friendly so try to pick up a smaller bottle of your foundation or BB cream.

P.S. if you'll be attending a wedding at your destination, do not follow this tip because girl, you need your entire jewelry/makeup collection and your closet to come with you.

Tip 4: Bring a large personal item.

travel bag tips clarks
I believe this was on sale for maybe $7? 

Okay so this tip is kind of cheating the system, but hey, they allow it. For travel, I don't bring my purse. I usually put my purse in my carry-on and my personal item becomes a small backpack I bought from Clarks. I place everything that doesn't fit inside my carry-on and other delicates into this bag. My jewelry, iPad, phone, wallet, and other just random small things go in it. I recommend buying a small backpack or larger purse to place everything else into. As long as it stows, it goes.

Tip 5: Put shoes in shower caps.

shoes in shower cap travel tips
Honestly, I squish my shoes in by laying them on their side. They look like all nice due to pictures.

I'm a shoe addict. I have to have a different pair of shoes for every outfit and if you're like me, it becomes an issue. Packing shoes is not an easy task. I found that placing my shoes either together or individually into shower caps protects my clothes from getting dirty and it allows more leeway for me to stuff my shoes into smaller corners and nooks.

Tip 6: Layer your clothes to the airport.

When you're low on space, I highly recommend wearing some of the clothes you were going to pack, to the airport. For example, I packed two cardigans which were taking up quite a bit of space and I had packed my pajamas. To save space, I wear my pajamas to the airport with one of those cardigans and change into my nicer clothes when I land at my destination. I also wear the same thing when I come back home. This saves tons of space and honestly, who cares what you look like at the airport? It's the airport, not a fashion show.

Tip 7: Bring a book and some headphones.

travel tips
Favorite book + representing Samsung

Long flights are THE WORST especially if you're sitting next to somebody who may be snoring or making odd noises. Personally, I've always sat with my sister on flights so I've never had a problem. However, that could change in the future! Either way, it's always a good idea to bring a good book or magazine. I also love to bring headphones for music and audio books! Plus, they block out most airplane noises.

Tip 8: Bring an empty water bottle! 

TSA has a rule against liquids higher than 3 fl oz. They never said I couldn't bring an empty water bottle to fill water with! So on my flight departing from Sea-Tac, a TSA agent kindly told us that they will let empty water bottles go through so you can fill it from a water station in the terminal. I find this so helpful because I drink water ALL THE TIME and I'm not about to pay for overpriced water at the airport or on my flight.

Tip 9: Buy a travel weigher.

suitcase weight travel tips

A while back, my dad found this travel weigher thing at Kohl's. All you do is strap is onto your suitcase, lift, and it will tell you the weight in kilos and pounds. It's so helpful if you're like me and always worrying whether your checked baggage will be overweight or not (hehe overweight...).

Tip 10: Do not forget.

Last but not least, double and triple check that you have EVERYTHING. I forgot my facial moisturizer when I went to Vancouver and it was not okay. I always forget the tiniest thing when going on trips and it's the worst. I now use travel apps such as PackPoint to create a checklist so I will no longer forget and regret.

Hopefully these travel tips are helpful to at least one of you out there! Let's share travel tips together :D


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Adorable and Affordable Gift Ideas

I know it isn't the gift-giving season for most people, but for me, I always give gifts to others just because I feel like it! I compiled a quick list of cute and affordable gifts you can gifts to others!

affordable gift ideas sisters best friends
I love love love this little trinket dish from Francesca's! It's such a great gift for your sister and in fact, my sister gave me this as part of my graduation present. Currently, I keep it on my desk with my Alaska Airlines flight wings sitting on it :)

You can find it here.

pillow home decor cute affordable
This was also part of my graduation present and is also from Francesca's. This fluffy pillow doubles as room decor and a gift card holder! I currently have this hanging on a metal loop that's attached to my bed.

You can find it here.

all my friends are dead book gifts
My sister in law gave this to me for my 17th birthday because of my consistent dry humor. This is a great gift for anyone who is sarcastic or has a really great sense of humor. It's such a sad book that it's funny. 

You can find it here.

cheap affordable washi tape ebay
Washi tape is always a great gift for anyone! This decorative tape has so many creative uses and will always come in handy! I buy mine from eBay for a dollar or so - much cheaper than the ones you find in stores.

You can find it here or simply search "washi tape" into eBay's search box.

aladdin mason jar kohls
So the mason jar has tons of uses now - most of which are frickin' adorable. You could DIY this mason jar drinking cup, or you could just buy it - whichever suits you! I do love these cups because they're cute, convenient, and BPA free! I took my cup to my first hiking trip and it turned out to be a really good subject for photography.

You can find it here.

Hopefully, I have helped you stir up some ideas in your mind for a cute gift to give to your friend or family member!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

DIY: Convert an Old Book to a Journal

While summer cleaning out my closet, I found a bunch of old daily calendars and address books (who even uses those?!) among other school supplies. Some of the daily calendars were super cute and I just couldn't throw them away! I decided to turn them into journals/art books! 

Old book, large paint brush, white paint
Normally, you would buy this paint type of material called Gesso which artists usually use to convert old books into suitable canvases for sketching. Gesso does not come in small containers and I didn't need a gallon of the stuff so I used white paint instead! It works just as well :)

Take a bunch of white paint and slather it onto the pages of the book. Wait for it to dry, then add another coat. Repeat until the words/drawings on the page are almost gone. However, some people (me included) like the look of words in the background of sketches, so you can always stop after one or two coats. 

I had to use two coats on my pages to cover them faintly. Here is a comparison! 

 And I doodled on mine! As for the cover, I cut a piece of card stock with my name on it and taped it down on the "Address Book" print with washi tape! Get super creative with stickers, ribbons, construction paper and other cool supplies! Share your creative journals with me by sending them to my email: 


Monday, August 4, 2014

DIY Hexagonal Nut Bracelet

I would like to begin this post by apologizing for the incredibly weird lighting changes throughout the entire post. The sun was leaving me and I had to make up for it by using fluorescent bulbs (ugh).

Now that we've got that out of the way, I'd like to mention that this is such a creative little way of making jewelry! I absolutely love taking weird things and making them into something awesome. Before we begin the tutorial, I'm just going to mention that this DIY was actually a bit difficult for me and did take a bit of practice before I got the hang of it mainly because I'm not used to braiding things other than my hair. If you braid string and other things often, this may be super simple and if not, this may be challenging. Regardless, it's fun!

For this super cool project, you will need about 18 hex nuts and twine! I bought the hex nuts at Home Depot and there were 6 in one pack for $1.89. The twine was from Walmart and I bought this twine a long time ago so I have no clue how much it is, but it's probably no more than $2. 

Step 1:
Cut three pieces of twine in lengths of 2 feet. Personally, I only had to use one foot because I was blessed with an awkwardly skinny body and my wrists are very boney. Then create a knot with a loop on one end of the twine bundle, pictured above.

Step 2:
Begin braiding the twine. I braided until 1 inch, however feel free to braid more depending on your wrist size.

Step 3:
This is where life became complicated. Feed a nut through the left or right side of the braid (whichever goes next in your braid), then cross over while holding the hex nut in place with your thumb at the base of the braid. Then feed a nut through the other side and cross over. Repeat with all the nuts. Always keep your thumb at the base, holding the nuts in place or else your bracelet will go all over the place. That happened to me and I had to start over many times. Do not be discouraged if you do not get this right away, it required quite a bit of practice for me!

Step 4:
After you are finished braiding all the hex nuts, continue braiding with a regular braid for the same length you began with on the bracelet. I braided for another 1 inch.

Step 5:
After you finish the regular braid, tie a tight knot to complete the braid. Measure out how much more twine you need for bracelet sizing. Then tie another knot to complete the sizing. Based on how large the loop you created in the first step, you may need to double or even triple knot. I recommend putting clear nail polish on all the knots created so that it will be secured.

And here is my arm candy.

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and leave a comment telling me how it went for you!


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Top 2 Facial Cleansers + Review!

Over the years (especially those awkward years), I've experimented with tons of cleansers trying to find some that not only work well with my skin, but also do what they claim. I've gone through the really awesome and the really bad and I know how hard it is for many of you to find a good facial cleanser that will suit you! After years, I was finally able to narrow my search down to two really awesome cleansers. These two do wonders for my skin! Hopefully these two suggestions will work for you, and if they do, let me know in the comments below! Also, if you have any suggestions for me, leave me a comment or message.

Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser: I've heard all the hype about this cleanser and finally decided to try it out. After using it, I cannot stress to all you girls out there how much you need this cleanser in your life. It contains natural charcoal which is known to lift out impurities and lemme tell you, it sure does! The product comes out charcoal-colored, but once it foams up, it becomes white and smells just like any of the other Bioré cleansers. When you massage it on, you can feel your skin begin to tingle and there's this really awesome heating and cooling sensation. It feels so calming! After you wash it off, your skin is noticeably brighter. I could feel my skin cleaner and so refreshed! It really cleans out all that gunk because I used a toner afterwards and there was nothing there! This is a must for everyone!

Noxzema Anti-Blemish Daily Scrub: I don't normally have acne, but when those pesky spots do appear, I need a quick way to get rid of them because who loves spots? Whenever I see even the tiniest spot, I use this cleanser (usually at night) and when I wake up the next morning, I wake up to clear skin! All those little and big spots are gone! Noxzema works miracles for my me, but it does definitely dry up my skin due to the high amount of Salicylic Acid. To fix this, I just slather a good amount of Vaseline over my face. If I use it in the morning, I slather moisturizer! Also, sometimes it's that time of the month and those spots just do not want to go away, even with this cleanser. I first use this cleanser and then afterwards I rub on elf's Zit Zapper. The Zit Zapper has Tea Tree Oil which is known to fight spots!

I hope this might help some of you with your facial issues because we all have them and girl, do not be ashamed.