Thursday, March 26, 2015

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

  1. I'm part Pakistani and Afghan. A lot of people think I'm purely Pakistani, but nobody is purely one race. 
  2. I took three of years of Spanish in high school and I still can't speak it fluently. However, I self-taught German and I'm kinda fluent! I can also read German which I think is the coolest thing ever. I can speak English, German, and Urdu. I know very little Arabic. 
  3. My childhood dream career was to be a NASA Astronaut because of my never-ending love for space. I also wanted to be a pilot until I realized I do not have perfect vision.
  4. I can rap to Eminem and a few other rappers like a boss. I do most of my rapping in my car while commuting to my university. 
  5. I do not own a cat, however, I am completely obsessed with them and hope to live with a bunch of cuddly cats when I am old (and my husband of course)
  6. I'm obsessed with engineering and that was my original major. I changed my major to education because I knew that I would always be discriminated at my workplace if I continued with engineering. I knew that the discrimination would make me unhappy and it would make me hate engineering with a burning passion, which is something that I never want to happen. So, for now, I'll be teaching engineering. Yes, I am more intelligent than I seem, do not judge a teacher - contrary to popular belief, education is not an easy field :)
  7. I was bullied throughout grade school and at one point, this chick tried to get me kicked out of school (I laugh at this because it was so ridiculous). Remember kids, bullies are just jealous of how awesome and cool you are! 
  8. I have often been mistaken for being older than I actually am. As a freshman in high school, there was a group of seniors who thought I was graduating with them. I've been told my friends/family that I could pass as someone who is in her early-twenties. Apparently it's because of how I look and the way I speak. 
  9. I am OBSESSED with cars. You don't understand how crazy I am about them until you've asked me, "so do you like cars?". Cars and planes are my true loves (sorry future husband)
  10. Ever since my summer trip to the Pacific Northwest, I have fallen in love and hope to live there one day. I just really love the cold, cloudy, rainy, and green atmosphere. I also want to go whale watching so, yeah. 
Hope you enjoyed reading these random facts about me!